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V-Shot - Male Endurance Formula

VShot Active Ingredients


L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been proven to enhance sexual function and response. Arginine is found in high concentrations in nuts and seeds like peanuts and almonds..

Xanthroparmilia Scarbosa

Xanthroparmilia Scarbosa is used in male sexual stimulants to induce smooth muscle relaxation, allowing for maximum arterial dilation and increased bloodflow.

Cnidium Monnieri

Cnidium monnieri is a plant which grows in China whose seeds are used in classical traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems and as a natural libido booster.


It stimulates the production of androgen (sexual) hormones. It has been applied to men suffering from impotence and low sperm count. And has been consumed by women who suffer from a decreased sexual motivation.

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